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Why men loves women in stockings

Why do Men Love Women in Stockings?

July 12, 2019
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In 1939, on October 24th, stockings were first shown in shops. Inexpensive and thin, just perfect fit for your body! The women’s queues went to the shops. More than 4 million socks manufactured by DuPont were bought on the first day! In the next decade, the popularity of stockings and nylon socks has grown even more – it was the most important fashion accessory of that time, boldly demonstrated by the most famous stars of that time and constantly flickering in tempting ads.

Later, the fashion of the socks was replaced by the tights. Women wanted more practicality, so this option was more acceptable to them. The ultra-tempting look of the pantyhose fashion has fallen, but has never disappeared nowadays. A survey by one of the underwear manufacturers showed that this detail of the style adds at least 1000 points of sexuality to the image of a woman!

Psychologists say that men are not touching their socks. There are at least two logical reasons for this. First and foremost, it concerns men’s subconscious images and naturally occurring impulses that they cannot control. Attachable socks are usually seen only in a very sexy context – in pictures, erotic films, etc. So our subconscious mind takes it as a pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Meanwhile, simple pantyhose do not produce the same emotions because their men’s subconsciousness does not identify with anyone.

The second reason is the thin boundary between mysterious sexuality and vulgarity. Attached sock-wearing girl looks openly sexy and the man’s subconscious mind understands it as an opportunity to go beyond boundaries and set norms. For him, it’s like a hint that more than usual.

Sexologists at the same time point out that this seductive detail of the image affects not only men but also women. So for those who want to feel sexier and more confident, it would be better to wear seductive clothes even if the eyes of other people do not see them.

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Beloved Women's Tights

Our Beloved Tights

July 12, 2019
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The woman’s wardrobe consists of many details. The most noticeable details are: skirts, dresses, blouses, trousers, other top clothes. There is a lot of attention to these clothes. Tights, shoes, shoes, watches, handbags, other accessories just complement and complete the style of the dress. However, the details are given an undeservedly low level of attention, and the wrongly chosen details can disrupt your style, and the properly selected details and the fluffy combination of clothes will revive. Often, a woman who has bought a luxurious dress and shoes forgets that the tights must be appropriate.

As you all know, tights for women at all times of the year are a must for the wardrobe. The color of the tights must match the color of the clothes. Also, the color of the tights must match the color of the shoes, especially if you wear light shoes. The best choice is body-colored tights, but how to avoid getting the right shade? The natural color of each of us has a distinctive shade. For most Europeans, as well as other northern shades: beige, natural, tan, amber. Black tights are often chosen. It also has several shades of its own, and it also needs to be carefully selected. Tights in other colors and with subtle writing are suitable for Friday clothing and for women who do not require a rigorous and classic style.

Women's Tights Elegance

Choosing the most suitable tights color is also important to choose the right size. It is not very difficult to do this, there is a size chart on each pack of tights that should be followed. If you are not sure which of the two sizes to choose (“you are on the border”), choose a larger one, especially if the tights are high in elastane or they are shaping. Sometimes the sizes of the tights are marked as clothes (S, M and L) – then choose the size of the wearable clothes.

A few words about tights care. As with all underwear, the tights should be washed with mild detergents, a “delicacy” or a similar program, or hand-washed. When washing the machine, it is recommended to put it in a dedicated bag so that the zippers and buttons of other clothing do not damage your favorite accessories. By the way, you have to put bra with hoops in a special bag to protect not only the product, but also the washing machine. And of course, don’t tease the tights on the radiator or dryer.

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How to choose tights

Tights by Mood, Occasion & Season

July 6, 2019
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Tights are just a part of a woman’s everyday wear. Each of us wear them, only one more often, and others less often. Women who prefer dresses and skirts usually does not spend a days without this accessory. Those who love pants are more likely to rely on them less. But as the devil is saying: “Prada wears a woman’s pantyhose”. You may agree, others may argue, because each one is different, fascinating and distinctive style.

However, in most closets you can find any one pair of tights, and more often than not. Traditional – black and body colors – are the most popular, but we do notice that there is a growing need for more fun – patterned and colored tights. This is precisely what the various designers present in their presentations. Therefore, whatever the season, choosing thinner or thicker tights for a skirt or dress, you will always look charming. After all, we can always find an opportunity to dress up and enjoy a good mood!

Original tights that fit into the overall outfit can only decorate you and reveal your charm. Of course, with certain etiquette requirements, there is not much room for creativity and experimentation at official events or festivals (but we’ll talk about it in a separate blog entry). In this case, it is usually recommended to choose a thin (up to 20 deck) body color or black tights.

The tights must always be neat, smooth-fitting legs, unobtrusive, with no bullets, unstretched threads or more run-out. Always have what you need to change, especially if you wear very thin tights, they don’t take up much space, and you will always feel safe.

So all you know is that thinner tights are the least, as the thickness of the tights is measured by the decks, the more cautious we have to deal with – both washing and washing and drying them. Meanwhile, the thicker the pantyhose, the stronger and more durable they are, the more noticeable.

In this blog post, we will also share some useful but extremely simple tips on tights:

  • It is recommended to wear tights in lukewarm water using liquid washing powder or household soap. Do not use a fabric softener as it will lose its elasticity.
  • Well rinsed in lukewarm or cold water tights, drill (it is recommended to remove the rings from the fingers and be more careful if you have long nails) and hang to dry. Do not dry on radiators unless you have a towel and protect it from direct sunlight especially in the summer.
  • Without time, you can also wash in the washing machine (although not really recommended), but be sure to use a laundry bag or pillowcase, pull the tights off and wash at low temperatures, using low speeds and separate from other clothing or socks.
  • Using these simple tips, your pantyhose will decorate your legs longer with any season, mood or occasion!

By the way, did you know that eating a very thin pantyhose should moisten your hands or apply them to the cream, then less likely to damage the tights, pantyhose.

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