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Why men loves women in stockings
July 12, 2019
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In 1939, on October 24th, stockings were first shown in shops. Inexpensive and thin, just perfect fit for your body! The women’s queues went to the shops. More than 4 million socks manufactured by DuPont were bought on the first day! In the next decade, the popularity of stockings and nylon socks has grown even more – it was the most important fashion accessory of that time, boldly demonstrated by the most famous stars of that time and constantly flickering in tempting ads.

Later, the fashion of the socks was replaced by the tights. Women wanted more practicality, so this option was more acceptable to them. The ultra-tempting look of the pantyhose fashion has fallen, but has never disappeared nowadays. A survey by one of the underwear manufacturers showed that this detail of the style adds at least 1000 points of sexuality to the image of a woman!

Psychologists say that men are not touching their socks. There are at least two logical reasons for this. First and foremost, it concerns men’s subconscious images and naturally occurring impulses that they cannot control. Attachable socks are usually seen only in a very sexy context – in pictures, erotic films, etc. So our subconscious mind takes it as a pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Meanwhile, simple pantyhose do not produce the same emotions because their men’s subconsciousness does not identify with anyone.

The second reason is the thin boundary between mysterious sexuality and vulgarity. Attached sock-wearing girl looks openly sexy and the man’s subconscious mind understands it as an opportunity to go beyond boundaries and set norms. For him, it’s like a hint that more than usual.

Sexologists at the same time point out that this seductive detail of the image affects not only men but also women. So for those who want to feel sexier and more confident, it would be better to wear seductive clothes even if the eyes of other people do not see them.


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