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Beloved Women's Tights
July 12, 2019
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The woman’s wardrobe consists of many details. The most noticeable details are: skirts, dresses, blouses, trousers, other top clothes. There is a lot of attention to these clothes. Tights, shoes, shoes, watches, handbags, other accessories just complement and complete the style of the dress. However, the details are given an undeservedly low level of attention, and the wrongly chosen details can disrupt your style, and the properly selected details and the fluffy combination of clothes will revive. Often, a woman who has bought a luxurious dress and shoes forgets that the tights must be appropriate.

As you all know, tights for women at all times of the year are a must for the wardrobe. The color of the tights must match the color of the clothes. Also, the color of the tights must match the color of the shoes, especially if you wear light shoes. The best choice is body-colored tights, but how to avoid getting the right shade? The natural color of each of us has a distinctive shade. For most Europeans, as well as other northern shades: beige, natural, tan, amber. Black tights are often chosen. It also has several shades of its own, and it also needs to be carefully selected. Tights in other colors and with subtle writing are suitable for Friday clothing and for women who do not require a rigorous and classic style.

Women's Tights Elegance

Choosing the most suitable tights color is also important to choose the right size. It is not very difficult to do this, there is a size chart on each pack of tights that should be followed. If you are not sure which of the two sizes to choose (“you are on the border”), choose a larger one, especially if the tights are high in elastane or they are shaping. Sometimes the sizes of the tights are marked as clothes (S, M and L) – then choose the size of the wearable clothes.

A few words about tights care. As with all underwear, the tights should be washed with mild detergents, a “delicacy” or a similar program, or hand-washed. When washing the machine, it is recommended to put it in a dedicated bag so that the zippers and buttons of other clothing do not damage your favorite accessories. By the way, you have to put bra with hoops in a special bag to protect not only the product, but also the washing machine. And of course, don’t tease the tights on the radiator or dryer.


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